The Background and History of Montvale, NJ is Rich in Tradition

Montvale history is rich and steeped in the traditions of Bergen County, which was founded by Dutch settlers coming here from the Netherlands in the 1630s. Swedish traders also first settled the area with the Dutch. This area’s roots can be traced all the way back to the English colonial days in New World. Prior to that, however, in the history of Montale, New Jersey, Native Americans first settled this land. Within Bergen County the Village of Bergen was created around 1660 and then became an English colony.

The region now surrounding Montvale was of great significance during the American Revolution. New Jersey was highly pivotal and was the site of many battles during the war. In fact, there were nearly 300 fights in this colony between the British and Americans during the war – making it the most active of all in this important time during American history. It was the third state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787. In the Montvale, NJ background the waterways and rivers of the region also played an important role. Later, New Jersey underwent a tremendous amount of industrialization with the advent of the railroad and aid of canals.

Today, the Montvale area still carries with it a rich past, as it embraces the future. The area is a fine balance between residential areas and has a strong business community. This makes for an enviable area set in a highly desirable backdrop.

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