Montvale Historic Landmarks

Montvale Has Landmarks, Historic Sites & Monuments That Give Insight to Its Past

You’ll find many engaging Montvale landmarks on a trip to the area that are enjoyable and help give insight on the area’s rich past. One of the most famous Montvale landmarks is The Octagon House, which dates back to 1855-1860. It’s considered an example of the “Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building” that was popular in the 1850s. Historians note it for its use of space, the building materials, room plan and how it adapts to light. Past owners of the home served as Montvale mayors.

Other notable Montvale, New Jersey historic sites include the Montvale Veterans Monument, the Ackerson Homested, Site of Old Block House, and Wortendyke Dutch Barn, which is one of the last few of its kind remaining in the country. It was built in the early 1700s just before the American Revolution and was owned by Dutch farmers, who were common people living and working the land. The barn reflects the traditions seen in the Netherlands and is quite different from those owned by the English and Germans. Once there were many like it – the Wortendyke Dutch Barn is now considered a rare survivor of colonial times.

You’ll get a broad overview of Montvale, NJ historical monuments by visiting the Pascack Historical Society Museum. The museum is extremely close to Montvale at 19 Ridge Avenue in Park Ridge, NJ.



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