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Don't let your child's future go Up in a Mist! Vaping is s serious health risk and has become a quickly spreading threat to your child. All parents need to attend this special educational opportunity.

Get up close and personal with VAPES, the newest drug delivery device. Learn how this technological revolution has taken the teen drug scene by storm, enslaving many unsuspecting kids into a life of addiction. Learn the background, inspect the actual vape devices and become familiar with EVERYTHING you need to know as a parent. Find out what no-one else is talking about and understand why. We're here to support the success of you and your children. Join us for this potentially life-saving event.

More than 16% of American teens grow up to be drug addicts, but we can protect yours. Register for this class and get an amazingly rare look behind the drug scene. With over 100 hands-on displays of drug placebos, popular paraphernalia, concealment devices and subtle danger signs, this is the most visually stunning and practically informative drug prevention class in the country. Combined with our nationally acclaimed, expert instructor, you will be entertained, enlightened and empowered to make a real difference in your family or community.

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  • When: Wed Nov. 14
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 225 West Grand Ave
    Montvale nj,US 07645

  • Web: Visit Website